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Dentistry for Children in Hastings on Hudson, Peekskill and Yonkers, NY

Surgery FAQ

See our helpful Q&A section for oral surgey.

  • I need to talk to someone regarding my child's surgery?


    Please call any of our offices between the hours of 8:30a-4:30p and ask to speak with a surgery coordinator. (914) 378-7848.

  • Will someone call me soon regarding my child's surgery?


    A surgery scheduler will NOT place your child on the schedule until they have all the paperwork they are required to have by law. If your child was not scheduled the day of their appointment, please make sure that we are not waiting on paper work to schedule the surgery. When paperwork is completed, you may expect a call from a scheduler within 1-2 days. If you have not received a call please feel free to call any of our offices and ask for a surgery scheduler. (914) 378-7848.

  • Why is my child not able to get into surgery sooner?


    Every child is placed on the schedule in the order in which their completed paperwork is received. Many things factor into the surgery date: health history, severity of case, age, weight, insurance, and doctor preference.

  • When and why does my child need to have a physical?


    Prior to any patient going under general anesthesia they will be asked to present a Health and Physical form at the time of surgery. This form will need to be dated no earlier than 29 days prior to surgery. Everyone want to make sure your child is healthy and has no other medical issues that would cause any complications during their procedure.

  • Why can't my child eat or drink anything before surgery?


    Food or liquid in the stomach is very dangerous when a person is put under general anesthesia. When the patient receives general anesthesia, he/she could vomit the food/liquid still in the stomach and this could enter the lungs. This is called aspiration which is a life threatening condition.

  • What does General Anesthesia mean?


    To keep your child safe and comfortable during a dental procedure, your child’s dentist might decide to use general anesthesia in a surgical setting. General anesthesia makes your child’s whole body go to sleep. It is needed for certain dental procedures and treatments so that his or her reflexes will be completely relaxed. Your child will feel no pain during the procedure, nor have any memory of it.

  • Should my child brush his/her teeth in the morning before surgery?


    No, for their safety we don’t want any risk of your child swallowing water.

  • Will someone let me know what time to be at surgery?


    Yes they will call to confirm the time, location and answer any questions you may have the day before your scheduled appointment. If no one has called you or you have any questions please call (914) 378-7848 and ask for a surgery coordinator.

  • What do we do the night before surgery?


    Make sure your child has a great dinner the night before. It is really important that your child not eat or drink anything after midnight or in the morning of surgery. Remove any nail polish from your child. It is recommended that they bathe the night before surgery.

  • How do we dress for surgery?


    Dress in comfortable loose fitting clothing, short sleeves are preferred. We suggest pajamas or sweats, no one piece pajamas. Feel free to bring a favorite toy or blanket and an extra set of clothes, in case of an accident.

  • What to expect when you arrive at the surgery center at the hospital:


    You will be greeted by a staff member and the admission process will be completed. You will meet with the nurse, and then your child will be escorted to the area the surgery will be performed. Because your child will be put to sleep using anesthesia a parent or guardian must remain at the hospital for the duration of the appointment.

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